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What you should Find Out About Chimney Sweep Certification

Regardless if you are searching for any chimney sweep or else you are thinking about becoming one yourself, you will have to know the process through which a chimney sweep becomes certified. Such certification proves these folks happen to be properly taught to install, maintain, clean, in addition to repair chimneys.

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Chimney Sweep Association of america (CSIA)

The CSIA requires candidates considering obtaining CCS (Certified Chimney Sweep) credentials to feed two tests. Candidates will need three books to examine and test. Presently, incorporated within this are:

Effective Chimney Sweeping, 2011 edition

NFPA 211, 2013 edition and

Worldwide Residential Code, 2006 edition.

The CSIA requires all first-time applicants are necessary to visit whether review session (sessions are held with the country) or attend a six-day hands-on program using the National Chimney Sweep Training School. Once these needs are met, students need to take two tests within twelve several weeks of attending review or program. The exams are proctored, and they might be attracted in-part of writing or online.

The initial exam is founded on the Effective Chimney Sweeping and NFPA 211 textbooks. The closed book exam ought to be carried out in one hour, plus it includes numerous true or falls and multiple choice questions.

The second exam is founded on the world Residential Code textbook. This is an open book exam and candidates receive one hour half an hour to complete it.

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The CSIA requires people to recertify yearly so that you can maintain their credentials. Needs include a combination of CEUs, or Ongoing Education Units, reviews, exams, plus a fee. Sweeps who are earning 48 CEUs previously year following certification don’t have to attend an assessment or have a test.

Certified Chimney Professionals (CCP)

The CCP is certainly a completely independent company that provides credentialing for chimney sweeps. It offers three different certifications, and lots of sweeps decide to obtain one of these brilliant credentials using their CSIA certification.

Certified Chimney Professional – Candidates must practice a handbook understand fire codes and safety, and have a test which includes 100 multiple choice and true or false questions. A score of 70% is required to acquire this credential.

Chimney Reliner Certification – Candidates with this particular credential must study only within the CCP Reliner Manual provided through the organization. Test mimics the Certified Chimney Professional exam you’ll find 100 questions and candidates must score 70% to feed.

Certified Master Chimney Specialist – The Certified Master Chimney Specialist could be the finest available credential, and merely sweeps who’ve eight experience along with six years of active certification can buy it. There is no exam candidates must only prove their experience through test scores and certification badges, and so they must prove they’ve business insurance. Certification (and annual recertification) features a $99 fee.

If you use a chimney service, it is almost always smart to ask about credentials. Using this method, you’ll be able to be confident that you are employing a skilled and knowledgeable individual to help keep, repair, or clean your chimney to keep your loved ones safe.