Saturday, 17 August 2019

Urban Landscaping Gardens – why hiring the landscaper for unique ideas

The first contact with your home requires many details regarding Landscape Design that anticipate what you will find later – a correct choice of materials, colors, lighting and textures are the basis on which to work to achieve a design at the height of the interior space. The available size is one of the first things that you have to consider when designing the entrance garden. It has a direct relationship. With the amount of light that plant species will receive, so you must determine your choice, opting for suitable plants to that surface.

The materials

It may be advisable to combine materials of different nature, thus enriching the experience of entering the house. This can be a good resource when you cannot count a large number of plant varieties, thus yielding the attractiveness of the garden to materials such as stone or wood. The pergolas are very functional structures, because they protect us from the wind and the rain, which can be very useful in the entrance of dwellings located in certain climates, with a large amount of rainfall. But they are also very decorative and capable of bringing a lot of charm.

With pots

The pots are a simple and very versatile resource, because it is mobile elements, when designing a garden entrance to a house. The shreds give you the possibility to play with volumes and heights to create a feeling of shelter and adorn the access to the house. Designing a garden does not involve filling it with plants and decoration accessories. It is possible that you opt for a simple design that transmits serenity, where a haven of peace and tranquility is created.


When choosing the plants that will integrate your garden, several factors must be taken into account – space, light and the time necessary for its maintenance, also, of course, the shape and colors of the plants themselves. In these cases, a good selection of desert plants is ideal for you. Therefore, it is essential to think about the maintenance of the chosen plants.

Conclusion: Textures of the landscape

In gardens you always play with shapes, colors, materials, volumes, but also with textures. If you want to see the importance of textures, you can be inspired by this fantastic project. In this proposal you see again the importance, again, of the architectural design of the sequence of access to housing. In this case, a glass door allows continuity between the exterior garden of the house and its entrance patio. The plants that you have chosen for your garden, is essential to achieve a successful proposal and that the garden landscapes you have designed remains intact as time goes by.