Friday, 22 November 2019

Suspect a Fest Infestation? Here are 5 Confirming Signs

Pests are evasive – they tend to hide and stay out of human’s way for as long as they can. However, when they can no longer hide because of limited resources (like food, water, and shelter), they start moving around the home and become evident. But as a homeowner, you don’t have to wait for this to know you have a problem.

To help you catch the pests in their tracks – or before the problem escalates into a nightmare, we will highlight some confirming signs that you have a pest infestation. We recommend calling a local pest control expert immediately you notice one or more of these signs to take care of the problem.

Droppings in your homes

Pests, like humans, excrete. But they are not so smart to go outside to relieve themselves. Instead, they will find a spot – different spots – in your home to help themselves out. Pests droppings are usually found in areas where they explore, sometimes around the entire property, but often in corners or dark areas like under beds and behind cupboards and fridges. Once you notice feces in or around your home, it’s highly likely you have a nearby invasion – but you will need to identify the pest through its droppings to enhance the process and successfully eliminate the pest from your home. As a guide, mouse droppings are brown or black, like a pellet, and can range between 1/8 -1/4 inch in size. Cockroach droppings are brown or dark but small in size, like grains of rice. Bed bug droppings are black or rust-colored and are small as a full stop. They are found in your bed or mattress.

When you spot a pest

Nothing confirms an invasion more than seeing the pests in plain sight – dead or alive. If you happen to bump into a cockroach when you open up your kitchen cabinet or a rat in the hallway, then that’s enough sign you have an infestation. As mentioned earlier, pests are good at hiding. The only thing that gets them moving around is when they are overpopulated and cannot hide well. It could also be that they are scrambling for the limited food, and have no option but to look around.

When you hear funny sounds at night

In their bid to stay out of the way, pests usually come out at night when there are no human activities. So they will come out and move around freely when you turn off the lights and retire into bed. If you happen to hear some funny sounds coming from the attic, basement, or even in your kitchen, you likely have an invasion.

 Holes, gnaw marks, grease marks

If you notice small holes in the floors and walls or around your home, you may be dealing with an infestation. Burrows in weedy and garbage areas near your home are big giveaways. Grease marks and gnaw marks are also a bad sign. Rats chew on things like electrical wires, insulation, walls, books, and so on. They also travel the same path and may leave tracks and evidence along the way – usually along the walls.