Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Nifty Tips on Selecting the Best Ergonomic Office Chair for You!

Seeking the best ergonomic office chair to suit your needs will take some time, but it is always worth to invest some efforts to do your due diligence before you end up buying a costly chair that you may have to return. There are many options for ergonomic office chairs in the market but to find the one that is especially made for your stature with the perfect ergonomic features that help in supporting a good posture and comfortable seating experience, for that we have listed some nifty tips for you. Thank us later.

What is ergonomic chair?

It is essential to know that ergonomics is a study of the efficiency level of people in the working environment. When it comes to your office chair, when it is adjustable, it can be deemed ergonomic. But there are chairs that have more adjustable features than the other chairs and provide a much better seating experience.

Features to look for

  1. Lumbar support

This is a support that is required in your lower back. Office chairs that have good lumbar support contain a back and seat that is made in such a way that it fits your lower back to support your muscles and spine. The perfect chair should have a good lumbar support, your ears, shoulders and pelvis should be aligned and should feel natural.

  1. Seat depth

Many office chairs have a seat that is adjustable forward or backward for the optimal seat depth. When it comes to choosing the best office chair for you, ensure that the seat pan is deep enough so that the back of your knees isn’t in contact with the seat. The seat must be at least an inch or two wider than your hips.

  1. Seat height

The seat height of your chair should be adjusted in a way that your knees are a tad bit lower than your hips for the sake of optimal use.

  1. Armrest

Some arm rests have the capability to adjust upward or downward letting you adjust your armrest height to your comfort level. The lowest point of the armrest should be down or below your thighs so as to not tamper with your elbow movement.

  1. Reclining and back tension control

Ensure that when seeking for a chair you also take into consideration the back tilt and tension control feature. These features tend to support your upper body weight and offer some relief to your back when adjusted.