Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Looking to Select The Perfect Quartz Countertop Installation? These are 3 tips to help

Quartz countertops obviously do have several advantages and benefits they offer, and one of such is the exceptional option they offer house owners that want to refurbish and remodel their kitchen or bathroom. Though they are long-lasting, durable and add value to your home, the style they offer is very unnecessary and irrelevant and unparalleled when considering the true transformation of the kitchen.

Quartz countertops are produced with 93% of crushed quartz and 7% resin and provide unlimited possibilities of style and color. However, to have the perfect kitchen, you’ll need to hire the right team or organization to assist you with your quartz countertops installation so as to avoid problems in the future. Again, you need to know exactly how to choose the appropriate options for installing a quartz countertop. This article provides some basic tips for installing a quartz countertop and these tips for carrying out this process are:

#1: make sure you get the right thickness right

Depending on the use of your quartz panels or countertops, they can need different thicknesses. For example, a bathroom or a kitchen countertop usually will have a thickness of about 1.25 inches, while a piece of quartz countertop used for edging both the interior and exterior of the kitchen and the bathroom is much thinner.

#2: Choose your look

Quartz can be adapted to texture, design, as well as color, and selecting the look that you want or desire will be an important step in getting your desired quartz countertops. For example, most countertops are manufactured in the United States, and quartz is used to get the true look of marble or granite, and Silestone Quartz gives you the opportunity to use bright colors and beautiful modern designs. There is no wrong way to design a quartz, and it is often regarded as a fun part of the design process!

#3: First select your own appliances

You need to select stoves, toilets, sinks and other fixtures inside or around the quartz countertop surface before the quartz is selected and ready for installation. This allows your transformation team to find out the exact cutouts, dimensions, and measurements that will be required to maximize your installation.

There are a few experts that understands everything about installing perfect and befitting quartz countertops for your home. A good example is If you have any questions or concerns about remodeling a kitchen or bathroom with a quartz countertops installation, you can easily visit or call them today, as they will ensure your satisfaction is met.