Friday, 22 November 2019

How to bring old carpets back to life


An old and worn out carpet can make your home look generally unclean. Various factors such as dirty shoes and spills can make your carpet begin to look old even before you are ready to replace it.

Carpets are costly to replace. However, reviving your carpet fibres is a cost-effective solution for restoring your old carpet. That said, use the following tips to bring your carpet back to life:

Steam clean your carpet

A steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning your dirty carpet. If you do not have a steam cleaner of your own, there are plenty of home improvement stores where you can rent one.

 Steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction is an effective and environmental-friendly way of cleaning dirty carpets. For proper use, make sure that you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Remove Stains

Baking soda will help you get rid of the irritating odour that may be coming from your carpet. Sprinkle baking soda on a dry carpet and let it settle overnight.

The baking soda will have adequate time to draw and absorb odours out of your carpet throughout the night. Make sure you vacuum up all the baking soda from your carpet in the morning. A simple, yet effective way of rejuvenating your carpet.

If there is a fresh grease mark on the carpet, blot it up using paper towels. Where there is hardened grease that will not come off easily using paper towels, use a dull plastic utensil to scrap the hardened grease away.

Cover the remaining stain with some cornstarch and leave it for a few hours before vacuuming it up. Treat any residual stains using hot water and vinegar.

Fix those furniture marks

Does your carpet have dents caused by furniture? Ice cubes can be used to re-fluff carpet fibres. Carpets are bound to have dents, especially if your couches and tables are left standing in one position for a long time. You only need some ice cubes and a brush to fix this issue.

Place an ice cube on the damaged spot and leave it to melt.  Use a blow drier to speed up the melting rate of the ice cube. Once the ice cube has melted and saturated on the dent, work a brush back and forth in the tangled fibre until they stand straight. Great practical way of prolonging the life of the carpet, especially when you rearrange the furniture.

Dry clean your carpet

This is the option where you call in the professionals, Electodry is a Brisbane carpet cleaning service. The Electrodry system claims to remove more stains than any other cleaning process. The Healthguard™ treatment used during the process removes germs, bacteria and fungi.

Dry cleaning your carpet in this ways offers a thorough clean that does not use excessive chemicals or leave you with inconvenient wet carpet long after the clean has been done.

Save yourself the trouble of trying to fix the carpet yourself and give them a call today to see what they can do to bring new life back into your old carpet.