Saturday, 17 August 2019

Four New Color Trends to Brighten Your HomeText

Do you want to mix up the look of your home? Try adding a splash of color on the walls! Just one quick trip to your local paint supply store and you can revitalize your whole space. Feeling intimidated by the hundreds of paint options available? Here are four color trends for the coming year, and some tips to make them work with your personal style:


Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 is a warm, orange-tinged coral. This shade, although colorful, is also found in nature. It draws inspiration from coral reefs, tropical sunsets, certain breeds of roses or Gerbera daisies, and Utah’s sandstone walls and rock arches. Because it’s on the natural spectrum, you can get away with painting a whole room with this shade. Too much coral? Try half walls, with the upper half a neutral shade to tone everything down.

Citrus Shades

For a pop of energizing color, draw inspiration from a bowl of citrus fruits. Tangy yellows, neon limes, and electric oranges can all liven up a room. If you’re channeling an island vibe, you can paint the entire space with your favorite shade. However, most other decorating styles should look at these like accents to be mixed and matched. A rule of thumb: the more different citrus colors you use, the less paint to use. Want yellow, green, and orange accents all in the same space? Go for it! Just limit yourself to thin stripes, diamonds, or trendy polka dots of color.

Lilac-tinged Gray

Grays and soft purples are both neutrals. Mix them together and you get the ultimate soothing and stylish color. This is light, like the more commonly seen Dove Gray, making it a great choice for covering an entire room or unifying an open floor plan. Unlike Dove Gray, this color is trendy and rife with visual interest. However, you may want to reserve lilac gray for brighter rooms in your home. The cool tones here can make a darker room feel cold.

Nuts and Woods

From warm hazelnut to cool ash, woods and tree nuts are a popular trend. Drop by a paint supply store and you can pick up these decorating powerhouses. Versatile brown neutrals are moving from furniture onto the walls. No need to fake wood grain here; a thoroughly modern look can be achieved by flat washes of the right color. You can also mix and match, pairing a lighter ceiling shade like creamy almond with a more intense accent wall such as a rich, glowing chestnut. These also make a great base to add accent stripes of another trendy color for 2019.