Saturday, 17 August 2019

Building your House: With which Professionals?

From the traditional builder to the architect, through various building companies, several solutions are available to you. The most regulated and the most reassuring is the contract for the construction of a private house. Having a house built is a long adventure and the client, called the owner, can choose between different contracts. The most protective and the most regulated is the agreement of construction of an individual house with a provision of a plan or without it, signed with a builder. The project management contract usually involves a touch of personnel who pass through the school of architecture; they are to signs the plans requests the building permit and supervise the site. The business contract, signed with different trades, is the riskiest and the most difficult to follow.

The Builder of your House

The builder takes charge of both the plan of the future house and its construction. He can propose a house on catalog susceptible of various modifications customizing it or to realize a house to measure. The client then signs with the architect the contract for the building of a detached home.

The Architect: A Project Management Contract to be Defined

The construction can be entrusted to an architect. He will design a unique and personalized house totally corresponding to the expectations of his client. The architect analyzes the terrain, its physical and geographical constraints, the materials to be used according to the region, and meets the prerequisites of the client. The contract signed with an architect is not very regulated and pivots on the missions entrusted by the owner.

What is a Simple Mission?

The simple mission is limited to designing the plans and acquiring the building permit. It’s the owner who will be answerable for the research and selection of the companies that will build his house. To him also the negotiation of the prices, the engineering of the works, their verification. The architect performs a complete mission. In this case, the architect will direct the operation of the first stroke of the pen to the delivery of the keys:

  • The overall design of the project.
  • Establishment of plans.
  • Issuance of the building permit.
  • Calls for tenders from companies and discussion of quotes.

However, the client negotiates and concludes separate contracts with various trades without one of the companies performing a principal function. So, there isn’t a contract without providing a plan but simple contracts with each company.