Friday, 22 November 2019

Answer Key To Your Vacuum Cleaner Doubts

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner is equivalent to having a 24/7 clean house. But with the list of alternative choices available in the market, there are many questions that pop up in the buyer’s head. As an answer key to all those apprehensions and doubts, the following brief is a must read.   

  • Which one to buy? Canister or Upright

Each vacuum cleaner has its own specialties. When it comes to canister vacuum cleaners they are specialized for cleaning floors. With the appropriate tool, canister vacuum cleaners can provide you with effortless transitions. This is due to its better suction and flow rate.  

On the contrary, upright vacuum cleaners come in handy for cleaning carpets. It’s mainly used for dust extraction. But in comparison to all their qualities, a canister vacuum cleaner proves to be a better choice.

In this regard, Vacupro can help you make the right choice as per your requirements.

  • Is having a powerful motor equivalent to possessing more suction power?

No. The utility of a motor is to assess electric current and not its suction power. The efficiency of a vacuum cleaner depends on a variety of factors such as its tools availed, air flow, suction power, the process of filtration and so on.

  • How often should the place be vacuumed?

If a dust allergic individual resides at your place then a regular vacuum cleaning of twice a week is recommended. The frequency of cleaning can be reduced to once a week if the house is without pets. On the other hand, if you are a pet owner then you might want to bump up the frequency rate to a couple of times in a week. This is because pets shed their fur on a regular basis.    

  • What is the maintenance level required?

A bagless vacuum cleaner requires a low level of maintenance. Otherwise, dust bags need to be cleaned on a regular basis especially if your house consists of dust allergic people. Filters of the vacuum cleaners have to be either changed or if it is washable it has to cleansed on a regular basis.

Even brush rolls have to be taken care of because while cleaning it gathers debris, dust, hair, fur and so on. The above-mentioned elements have to be taken care of regularly because the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner depends on its maintenance level.  

Now that the above answers have cleared all your inquiries regarding vacuum cleaners, it’s time to go buy one!